Network and Voice Management

Service Offering Details
Patching and Cable Management
  • Patching and unpatching of cables to switch ports (moves/adds/changes)
  • Installation of cable management
  • Maintenance of cable to switch port records
  • Coordination of requests for new/moved cables in collaboration with ITS-Networking
Switch Management
  • Coordinate configuration and installation of switches in collaboration with ITS-Networking
  • Configure VLANs, speed, duplex, port channels (LACP) and trunking on switch ports
  • Maintain accurate inventory of customer network hardware (switches) users
VLAN, Subnet, DNS and DHCP Configuration and Management
  • Update and maintain DNS records
  • Allocate VLANs and subnets in collaboration with ITS-Networking
  • Allocate DHCP pools in collaboration with ITS-Networking
  • Maintain records of VLAN and subnet allocations for customers
Firewall Configuration and Management
  • Configuration of SOHO and infrastructure firewalls for customers
Voice Services Management
  • Provision basic phones
  • Provision phone numbers
  • Assign or change caller ID
  • Assist customers with provisioning of business class VOIP services in collaboration with ITS-Networking
  • Provision voicemail services
  • Reset voicemail mailbox and PINs
  • Configuration of conference bridges for customers
  • Maintain accurate inventory of customer voice hardware (phones)
Network Management
  • Identify and resolve basic data and voice issues in collaboration with ITS-Networking
  • Identify and resolve VLAN, subnet, DNS and DHCP issues
  • Proactive management of network resources (ie, removal of unused ports, consolidation)