ATS Performance

Academic Technology Support strives always to take a collaborative, open approach to providing excellent, efficient and effective information technology (IT) systems, solutions and support to the University. To further that aspect of our mission, we will continue to provide the most relevant, up-to-date reporting possible as our tools and metrics evolve. Keep checking the reports linked below to see how we're doing!

Customer Satisfaction

There is no performance metric that's more important to Academic Technology Support than the satisfaction of our customers. The report represents the responses we've gotten over the last month from the satisfaction surveys we request at the close of every customer engagement.

Operational Reports

These are basic reports on Academic Technology Support's overall operations, and reflect how we have dedicated our time and resources since the beginning of this Fiscal Year (starting September). The current reports give insight into how we've dedicated our resources per customer, and per program.

Service Reports

We track our ability to provide support services to our customers through several different perspectives. Basic reports on Academic Technology Support 's service operations are extracted from our incident tracking tool on a monthly basis. As our ability to provide relevant reports improves, expect to see more detailed information on our service operations in this section.